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This week, in light of the Easter Holiday, we decided to bring you a little bit o that Easter Smut. Enjoy all the egg insertion you can handle!

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This week, we finish out Tycho's four part God of War epic. Join us for all the flesh folds you could possibly want!


The Fic:


The Ratings: Kaleb       Jacob

                   4.5/5        3.5/5

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This week, we read God of Love and War, a fan fiction by Tycho. Join us for all the godly fucking you could possibly want!



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This week, we read an incestuous Fan Fiction between Booker and Elizabeth.... Join us for all the gags. Enjoy? 


By Author: Indigohaze

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This week, we get political. Join us, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and Satan, as we read of our destruction.

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