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Jake and Schweiss return for another disturbing Final Fantasy XII fanfiction. Enjoy the fap!!


The FIC:

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This week, Kaleb and Jake dive deep into a soon to be classic fanficiton. Enjoy!


The Fic:

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It returns! This week, Kaleb and Jacob read chapter 2 and 3 of Aftermath of Ashe's Death! Enjoy!

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Time for more Final Fantasy XII!

The Fic:

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Just in time for the new game. Enjoy!

The Fic:


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Do you remember that Ravus guy from Final Fantasy XV? Yeah, so do we.


The Fic:

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Waldo confesses his love to Carmen Sandiego. Will she deny him? Find out!

The Fic:

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Ever wonder why the iPhone 4s is white? Find out here! 

The Fic:


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In light of the Super Bowl, Kaleb and Jacob read an epicly disturbing Football Fanfiction. Enjoy!

The Fic:


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It's time for another Final Fantasy XII fanfiction. Enjoy!

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Witness the Oscar winning performance of Cup Noodle! 
The Fic:

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This week, Cookie monster leaves his hometown and heads for California. There, he meets a biker that will forever change his life....


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