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This episode, we read part 6 of Kanzen's magnum opus; Friendly Card Game. Join us for Kupo's galore as we try to read this repulsive, poorly written fan fiction! Enjoy!

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This episode we continue the repugnant reading of Kanzens FFVI Epic. Enjoy!

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This episode, we continue the orgy feast to end all orgy feasts between the beloved characters of Final Fantasy VI. Enjoy!

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This episode, we read aloud part 3 of Kanzen's Final Fantasy VI erotic epic "Friendly Card Game." This time, there's double the lining up with entrances and womb references galore. Join us, as we try not to barf while reading this shit out loud!!

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This time, we read aloud the second part of Kanzen's epic A friendly card game. Join us for all the laughs and gross-outs!

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