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a  submitted fanfic called "Daylight Savings"

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this week we have a listener WRITTEN fan-fic about Dragon Quest 8. Thank you THYDEATHSWORD


Part 1:


Part 2:

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The Super & The Sexy come through again. This time with a Trump submitted one. 


Read Along:


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On this episode; the guys read a submitted fanfic suggested by ThyDeathSword. Love is in the air with Jessica from Dragon Quest 8; and her mother. Plenty of ass-smacking; hip-shaking incestuous love tonight.

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Special Guest Krinital joins us for another chapter of the Aftermath Of Ashe's Life

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After a 1 year hiatus. We bring you The Aftermath Of Ashe's Life Chapter 5. Is it ok to beat up your wife's lover; or dump her ass?

Unnesssary Information:

Jacob - Nicole Ray; Lexi Belle; Faye Reagan

Lycan - Mia Khalifa; Gianna Michaels; Lisa Ann

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Join us for a VERY SHORT Chapter 2 of the South Park fan-fic. This was recorded the same day so sorry about the quality.

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We are back Ladies & Gentlemen, with a new host LycanOfLight. he decided to pick a South Park fan-fic. kinda tame but enjoyable none-the-less. *sorry about the white noise on Lycan's end......Jacob's curse continues*


Twitter: @SuperSexyFanFic 


Artwork done by Stolas; does great work for the Geekdom Podcasts

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